How To AvoidBookmaker Limitationsand Maximize Profits

Why appearing dumb is the smart move

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Bookmakers frequently exercise their right to limit bettors' stake sizes. This is a bookmaker's primary weapon against sharp bettors and they aren't timid when it comes to wielding it. Often a winning bettor will find themselves only being able to bet mere cents on any and all markets. A very sorry situation indeed.

So let's talk about those wretched bookmaker limitations and specifically let's talk about how to avoid them for as long as possible. They could be compared to death in the sense that they are completely unavoidable but it's probably still in your best interest to delay the due date, so let's not cry that they exist and instead let's figure out how to best stay one step ahead.

The aim of the game is to blend in.Telling you to 'blend in' by 'appearing dumb' might sound a bit controversial but sometimes embracing the truth is embracing controversy. The fact is that most punters are not profitable in the long run because they don’t follow a strategy that has an edge. For this reason, they lose money and never get limited by their bookmakers. So logically we want to mix in some behaviors that will make us appear like an average losing punter, whilst actually acting as a smart bettor. In this way, we can avoid being limited for as long as possible.

1. Round up your stakes

Rounding up your stakes to whole numbers is going to help you fly under the radar. Once you start placing stakes with a value of $4.23, for example, it becomes clear to the bookmakers that you are either A: Using a staking strategy like the Kelly Criterion, B: Arbing, or both. This is a massive red flag and it's likely your account won't last long.

2. Consider your betting pattern

Try placing bets during periods when lots of regular punters are also placing bets i.e. on a friday night or at the weekend. Also maybe throw in the odd casino bet perhaps once every other day. This is going to make the bookmakers think you are a potential gold mine for them when in fact it is really you who is holding the pickaxe.

3. Think twice about betting on low tier leagues

If you exclusively place bets on some obscure league then you are likely to be flagged as an arber so I would say if you are going to be betting on lower tiers at least mix in some more bets on high profile events like a champions league game or the French Open.

4. Do not make unnecessary withdrawals

Frequent withdrawals are going to flag your account pretty quickly, partly because average punters tend to leave cash in their accounts until it's been swallowed up, but mainly because withdrawals come with transaction costs which the bookmaker bears. How generous of them. Needless to say they don't like paying these fees so they tend to just limit bettors who are withdrawing a lot.

5. Avoid making a large first deposit

Within the first couple days of registration you want to be drawing as little attention to yourself as possible. Depositing a fat wad of cash five minutes after creating the account is like trying to sneak into a house with a battering ram.

6.Take a break from milking the cash cow

If your account is on an incredible run where you just can't stop winning, consider stepping away from the udders. I know it can be hard but trust me it's wise. Your account might be up for review and remember you can always go back to betting on the account at a later date.

My closing advice to all the wonderful Podders (it'll catch on 😂) that made it this far is: Ask yourself 'if it was my job at a bookmaker to identify and limit any gamblers who are clearly finding opportunities on a consistent basis where they have the edge. What indicators would I be looking for?'

If you ask yourself this question every day then it's likely your accounts will last longer.

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