LeveragingTime Delaysin Betting Odds Adjustment

A profitable strategy rooted in Pinnacle's 'Winners Welcome' model

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When it comes to the betting industry, Pinnacle stands as the gold standard for other bookmakers. Celebrated for its impressive liquidity, complex algorithms, and discerning clientele, it's considered the epitome of sharp bookmaking. What sets Pinnacle apart is their unconventional 'Winners Welcome' business model, which audaciously invites bettors making consistent profits, instead of limiting them.

This strategy creates a significant challenge for Pinnacle: they must continually stay sharp or risk going under. They can't afford mistakes. Savvy bettors can exploit inaccuracies and eat into their profit margins, potentially driving them out of business. The fact that Pinnacle is still thriving after a quarter-century of operation testifies to their successful navigation of this high-stakes endeavour.

This success has not gone unnoticed. Other bookmakers often base their odds on Pinnacle's, adjusting their own lines to match Pinnacle's changes. When Pinnacle's price on a market shifts, so does that of Bookmaker X. But here's where things get interesting. Bookmaker X often experiences a delay in adjusting prices, sometimes up to three minutes. This delay creates a window of opportunity for shrewd bettors.

For instance, if Pinnacle's odds for a Man City vs Liverpool home win drops from 3 to 2.5, you can seize the opportunity to place a bet at the previous price of 3 with Bookmaker X. In other words, you're getting more favourable odds than the actual risk. Factors like unexpected player availability or injuries can cause this shift in fundamental probability. But regardless of the reason, if you place your bet before the odds adjust, you increase your chances of long-term profitability.

So, what do you need to capitalise on this strategy? Speed is paramount. You need real-time alerts about odds drops and a way to quickly process this information. Manual data sifting won't work; by the time you identify an odds drop, the bookmaker has likely adjusted their prices. You need reliable software that constantly monitors Pinnacle's real-time odds for drops, notifies you promptly when a drop occurs, and presents this information in a quickly digestible format. Customizable alerts based on specific sports or markets are an added advantage.

POD was built with all of this in mind. We split out product development into two broad categories. 1. Data and 2. User Interface.


We strive to minimise latency and maximise accuracy of our odds. We know that these variables are really what matter when it comes to creating a product that provides maximum value to the professional sports bettor. Seconds matter when it comes to value and arbitrage betting. Inefficiencies do not last forever. Opportunities are fleeting and we need to make sure the time edge lies in the hands of our users. Accuracy matters, if the data is wrong then the profitable systems that our users employ will be made obsolete.

User Interface

We are always looking for ways to improve the user interface in the form of minimising the ‘digestion time’ and maximising the breadth of sports offerings and the specificity of the filters.

Reducing digestion time is again another way of putting the time edge in the hands of our users. Redundant data or verbiage increases cognitive processing time for our users meaning they are slow to exploit inefficiencies elsewhere. Offering more sports,leagues and markets allows for more lateral movement across the sports betting market for our users giving them a larger opportunity base. The addition of more filters allows users to implement more specific, tailored strategies that they might want to employ. They say variety is the spice of life, when it comes to filters that is most definitely the case.

Focusing on these key areas is our obsession. Every update looks to improve on one or more of the above. Any diversion of focus from these variables as far as I am concerned is a mistake.

We will continue to work with users to gain important feedback. User insight is our north star.

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