What is Pinnacle’s No Vig Price (NVP) and How to Beat it?

What is Pinnacle’s No Vig Price (NVP) and How to Beat it?
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What is Vig?

A bookmaker’s vig is their built-in profit margin. Other words for vig include juice, over-round, and hold.
Vig makes the payouts less generous than they should be so that bookmakers can make money off bettors.

Pinnacle has the lowest Vig

The sharpest bookmaker in the world called Pinnacle has the lowest vig when compared with all other bookmakers. On most standard spread bets and moneyline their vig is less than 2% compared with around 8% for most other bookmakers.

Subtracting Pinnacle’s Vig

Even though Pinnacle has a low vig you still need to subtract it if you want to accurately estimate what that you want to beat should be.
Pinnacle odds dropper subtracts the vig from all of Pinnacle’s lines for you so that you don’t have to waste time doing it.

NVP (No Vig Price) in the Events Table…

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NVP (No Vig Price) in the Alerts Tab…

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NVP is the price to beat

The No Vig Price is the price that you need to beat at your soft bookmaker if you want to have a value bet.
Reacting quickly to the alert and finding the market on your soft bookmaker will give you the best chance of beating the NVP as the bookmakers are often slow to react to a price drop.
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This bet had a 13.7% ROI because the NVP was +164 and Bet365 offered me +200!
This bet had a 13.7% ROI because the NVP was +164 and Bet365 offered me +200!

How to Beat the NVP?

Test lots of different alert configurations…

The best alert configuration for you will be different to the best alert configuration for me.
You have different bookmakers and different preferences. You have to play around with many different filters to find the configuration(s) that are going to be optimal for you and for beating the NVP.
  • Sports
  • Market type (moneyline, spreads, totals)
  • Periods
  • Competitions
  • Minimum drop %
  • Time interval
  • Max time to match start
  • Odds range
  • Limit range

Move quickly…

Soft bookmakers like Bet365 react to Pinnacle dropping their odds but on a delay. That delay means we can place a bet at the old more favorable odds. The time window for placing that value bet however is a short one.
Bookmakers can take up to three minutes to react but more often than not they have adjusted their line in under one minute. You need to move quickly if you want to catch the value bet.
How to move quickly :
  1. Have your soft bookmaker open in a separate tab
  1. Have the search bar open on your soft bookmaker ready to input the team name
  1. Practice reading your alerts…
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Use multiple soft bookmakers

Bet365 might have adjusted to a drop too fast for you to catch the value bet but that doesn’t mean that their isn’t still value at other bookmakers so quickly move over to another tab that you have open with one of your other bookmakers and see if their is value there.
Not only do different bookmakers react to the same market movement at different times they also have different markets from each other.
If you receive an alert for a handball game that DraftKings doesn’t offer odds for then don’t panic head over to another bookmaker and see if they do.
Having multiple bookmakers accounts is one of the biggest strengths a value bettor can have.
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