Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
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What sports are supported?
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • American Football
  • MMA
  • Baseball
What market types are supported?
  • Moneyline
  • Spreads
  • Totals
What types of alerts do you offer?
Silver Tier = Dropping odds alerts
Gold Tier = Dropping odds Alerts, Limit Change Alerts, Opening Line Alerts
How are the alerts sent?
Alerts are sent on the platform to the dedicated ‘Alerts Tabs’ and the ‘Instant Alerts Box’ which is accessible from anywhere on the platform. A pinging sound will be sent when an alert comes through.
Can I hide alerts for a specific game?
Not yet (we’re working on it 🛠)
What is the NVP?
The NVP is the ‘No Vig Price’ it is Pinnacle’s odds with their vig (margin) subtracted
How is the NVP calculated?
Using the additive (equal weight) method

Alert Configurations

How does the Time Interval filter work?
The time interval is the time period across which the software is looking for a drop. For example if you set it to 3 mins then every time there is an odds change on Pinnacle the software will compare the new odds to the odds from 3 mins ago to see if the change has created a drop that matches your other filters and if it has then you will receive an alert.
How many alert configurations can I have set?
Silver Plan = 10
Gold Plan = 20
What is the best alert configuration?
It’s different for everyone because it depends on many factors personal to you so we recommend you trial lots of different configurations in order to find the one(s) that fit your context

Dropping Odds Strategy

What is a soft bookmaker?
A soft bookmaker is a bookmaker that is bad at pricing odds and therefore is easy to beat.
Why do you use Pinnacle’s odds?
Pinnacle are the sharpest bookmaker in the world so soft bookmakers copy their odds on a delay meaning we can exploit the softs when they are slow to adjust to a drop
Will the dropping odds strategy work in my country?
If online sports betting is legalised in your country then yes. We have users from right across the world who have success with the strategy. All you need is a good supply of bookmakers to beat.
How many bookmakers do I need to start?
You only need one soft bookmaker to start but we recommend you have two or three bookmakers open when using the software
What data is included with a dropping odds alert?
Here is an example of a dropping odds alert:
notion image

Telegram chat

How do I join the telegram chat?
You will have received a welcome email after signing up with the invite link inside

Affiliate Program

What is the lifetime commission rate?
How will I get paid?
When will I get paid?
Where can I sign up?


What odds formats do you support?
American and decimal
Why are the odds different to Pinnacle’s official site?
If you are not using a logged-in and funded Pinnacle account then the odds on their official website are on a massive delay so our odds are more up-to-date and therefore often different

Non-Price Data

What is vig?
Vig is the margin that Pinnacle apply to their odds to secure a profit. Vig reduces payouts.
What is a limit?
The amount of money Pinnacle will let you bet at a particular price on a market in USD


Is there a free trial?
No. We have replaced the free trial with a 21-day money back guarantee to stop free trial abusers
How much does a subscription cost?
Silver Plan = $39/month
Gold Plan = $69/month

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