POD Promotion: Strategies and Channels

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Affiliate Partners play a vital role in promoting our powerful sports betting tools and strategies. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know to effectively market POD and drive conversions so you can grow your monthly recurring revenue.

Our Philosophy: Honest Marketing

At POD, we believe in fully transparent, honest marketing aligned with the legitimacy of our service. We never want affiliates embellishing or misrepresenting what we offer. The dropping odds alerts along with our other features create very real profits for our users so the truth is impressive enough when communicated well.

Highlighting the Value Proposition

The key for affiliates is to clearly convey POD's core value proposition in your promotional efforts:
Level 1 (Punchy Hook): "POD's real-time Pinnacle dropping odds alerts allow users to react quickly to place profitable bets at slow-to-adjust bookmakers like Bet365 and FanDuel who are offering too generous payouts.”
Level 2 (Detailed Explanation): "Pinnacle is the sharpest and fastest bookmaker in the world meaning its price is copied by other bookmakers thanks to its impressive efficiency. The key is that while bookmakers copy Pinnacle's prices they do it on a delay giving us a window of opportunity to place a profitable bet at the old prices that have positive expected value. POD's real-time dropping odds alerts allow you to react quickly and place bets at out-of-date profitable prices on bookmakers like Bet365 and Fanduel.”
Here are some examples of how we and one of our long-term partners, Joseph Buchdahl, have communicated our value prop across various channels…
notion image
Blog Post:
notion image
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Driving Conversions Through Your Channels As a POD affiliate, you have numerous opportunities to creatively promote our tools and services through your own content and marketing channels. Here are some proven tactics:

Share Your Results 📈

While telling people that POD works is great, showing them is even more effective. If you're someone who tracks their bets on a service like Pikkit or even on an Excel spreadsheet then sharing your results can lead to lots of paying customers!
Here are some examples of real results that we have shared on our official Twitter to give you an idea of what a 'results tweet' looks like...
notion image
notion image

Post ‘SideKick’ Screenshots 🤩

As humans, we are very visual, especially when it comes to data. One of the best ways to grab someone's attention when promoting a product is to show them a cool screenshot.
We've found through our own promotional activity that one feature in particular gets people really excited about POD and that is the 'SideKick' feature which graphs out a market’s odds movements.
It means you can share real-time data with your audience that could be valuable and interesting to them. It's also a nice way to promote the dropping odds alerts through a visual aid, here's one of our affiliates doing just that on Twitter...
notion image

Long-Form Video Reviews

Detailed and honest video reviews, walkthroughs and explainers on YouTube and other platforms tend to drive high conversion rates. Use these to comprehensively break down POD's functionality and value proposition.
Here's an example of a review done by one of our affiliate partners...
notion image

Short-Form Viral Videos

TikTok and Instagram reels have taken the world by storm recently and It looks like super short-form video is here to stay so investing in your Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube short-form content is probably a smart thing to do.
Short-form video channels like Tiktok are great for services like POD as the value proposition is so quick to explain and you can have a wide reach with a small following thanks to the magic of the algorithm.
Here's an example of a YouTube short that one of our affiliate partners created…
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For affiliate partners operating websites, prominently displayed banner ads promote POD to a targeted audience. We provide standard creative or can collaborate on custom designs.
Standardised Vertical Ad (300 x 1125 px):
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Audience Specific Horizontal Ad (550 x 71 px):
notion image

Blog Posts

Blogs are still very powerful pieces of content and they allow you to create a whole bunch of interesting content around them so if you have a knack for writing or have an existing blog then consider writing a post about POD, it could be about your experience using POD, a review or something along those lines.
Below is an example of a blog post that worked well for us because it contained useful advice on value betting and it was centred around a real success story. We were able to create a whole bunch of content across Twitter, Reddit etc by repurposing different sections of it!
notion image

Support for Affiliate Partners

The POD team is committed to supporting our affiliate partners with creative assets, messaging guidance, tech integration, and anything else you need to effectively market our innovative value betting tools and strategy.
We're excited to partner with you in driving high-quality traffic, sign-ups, and conversions through the power of honest marketing. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Intro + Set-Up Chat ☎️

Video calls with new affiliate partners are a great way for me to get you set up as efficiently as possible while also getting to introduce myself.

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