Why are Pinnacle’s Odds so Sharp?

Why are Pinnacle’s Odds so Sharp?
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Who are Pinnacle?

Pinnacle is an online gambling website formed in 1998. It is known for having the sharpest odds on the market.

Pinnacle’s business model

Pinnacle is known to be the sharpest bookmaker in the world because of its winner’s welcome policy which attracts the sharpest bettors in the world. Having these sharp bettors bet on their platform allows them to price their odds more accurately than any other bookmaker.

Pinnacle has the line to beat

Pinnacle is so sharp that if we subtract their vig (margin) then we will be able to use that as the basis for our betting.
If we are offered odds that pay out more than Pinnacle’s no vig price then we should take them as they are mathematically profitable in the long term.
Luckily POD subtracts the vig for you on every market so that you don’t have to waste time doing the maths.
You shouldn’t be taking the bet if the odds aren’t longer than Pinnacle’s NVP
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Will Pinnacle stay sharp?

If Pinnacle stops being sharp they will quickly go bankrupt because they have a rule against limiting winning players so it is life or death for them.
The fact that they have survived from 1998 until now when all other competitors have dropped off shows that they have a rock-solid system.
With little competition about and with their decades of expertise, I highly doubt we will be seeing the end of Pinnacle anytime soon.

How to use Pinnacle’s odds to make money

Because Pinnacle is so sharp most other bookmakers don’t bother trying to come up with their own odds they just copy Pinnacle!
That means when Pinnacle’s odds go up so does everybody else’s and when Pinnacle’s odds go down every other bookmaker’s odds also go down.
But on a delay…
Whilst bookmakers indeed copy Pinnacle it’s also true that they do it on a delay. It usually takes between 20 seconds to three minutes for the soft bookmaker to react which gives us time to place a value bet at the old odds. This is the foundation of the Pinnacle Dropping Odds strategy.
To take advantage of the delay you need to be alerted about a drop in Pinnacle’s odds, that’s where our dropping odds alerts come in. Pinnacle Odds Dropper provides real-time alerts on thousands of Pinnacle’s markets so that you can be the first to know about a movement which allows you to catch value bets that nobody else can.
Here’s an example of a dropping odds alert we used to beat Bet365:
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