How to Set-Up and Receive Dropping Odds Alerts

How to Set-Up and Receive Dropping Odds Alerts
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What is a Dropping Odds Alert Configuration?

A dropping odds alert configuration sends alerts to your computer whenever Pinnacle drop their odds.
Configurations allow for a customised alerting experience which is one of the major advantages of the software as it enables our users to find profitable bets consistently at their local soft bookmakers. You can set many different filters within a configuration such as an odds range, a minimum drop %, a limit range and many more.
Once you have signed up the first thing you need to do is set up a dropping odds alert configuration. Dropping odds alerts are loved by our users as they are the backbone behind the Pinnacle dropping odds strategy which has been proven to be a long term winning value betting strategy.
In this guide I am going to take you through how to set up your first dropping odds alert configuration.

How to Set up a Dropping Odds Alert Configuration (Video)

How to Set up a Dropping Odds Alert Configuration (Step-by-Step Guide)

Step 1: Open the Configure Alerts Modal (N)
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Step 2: Choose ‘Dropping Odds’ Alert Type
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Step 3: Leave Competitions Filter Blank (For Now)
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It’s recommended that new users leave the competition filter blank when setting up their very first configuration and gradually add competitions as the alerts come in, always making sure to abide by the rules below.
How to set …
  • To filter competitions, use the textbox indicated above. Please leave it blank to include all competitions.
  • This filter is not case-sensitive (e.g. "Italy" and "ItAlY"are treated the same).
  • Separate competitions using commas (e.g. "Premier League, Champions League").
  • The filter matches competition names containing the text you specify. For instance, if you set it to "premier" it will match competitions like "England - Premier League" and "Northern Ireland - Premiership."
  • You can be as specific or general as you like. For example, "a, b" will match all competitions with either an "a" or a "b" in their name.
Step 4: Set Advanced Filters
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How does the time interval work?
The time interval is the time period across which the software scans for market changes to alert you.
For example, if you set it to 3 mins on a dropping odds alert then every time there is an odds change on Pinnacle the software will compare the new odds to the odds from 3 mins ago to see if the change has created a drop that matches your other filters.
Important points…
  • If you are using American odds you will need to input decimal odds into the odds range filter
  • If you set any of these filters too tightly then you will not receive many, if any alerts
Step 5: Give Your Configuration a Nickname and Click Create 🎉
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How to Update a Configuration
  • Step 1. Click on the configuration you want to update
  • Step 2. Update the filters
  • Step 3. Click ‘Update’ to save
How to Enable/Disable a Configuration
If you don’t want to receive alerts for one of your configs but don’t want to delete it then you can disable it and enable it again at any time…
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How to Receive and Read Your Alerts

You will receive your dropping odds alerts in the dedicated Dropping Odds Alerts Tab (A)
This is where most users like to spend the majority of their time on POD, waiting for new alerts to come through so they can quickly find value at the slow moving softs
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You will also receive your alerts in the Instant Alerts Box (P)
No matter where you are on the platform you will always have access to your instant alerts box so you’ll never miss an alert.
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Example Alert in Dropping Odds Alerts Tab (A)
Dropping odds alert as seen in the dropping odds alert tab (A)
Dropping odds alert as seen in the dropping odds alert tab (A)
  • Match: Date/time of the match, teams playing, competition
  • Starts: How long until the match starts
  • Alert: Configuration that sent the alert, how long ago the alert was sent
  • Outcome: The side of the market that the odds have dropped for, you want to be betting on this outcome.
  • Price: Price pre drop —> price after drop
  • Drop Value: How much the price dropped in % terms
  • No Vig Price: odds after the drop with the vig subtracted, these are the odds that you want to beat: (More on No Vig Price)
Example Alert in Instant Alerts Box (P)
Dropping odds alert as seen in the instant alerts box (P)
Dropping odds alert as seen in the instant alerts box (P)

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